V.I.P Learning in School of Foreign Languages Department of Foreign Languages

Department of Foreign Languages carries on conducting priceless projects together with the all classes studying English in prep class. One of these projects is called VIP Learning, which means Video and Interactive Peer Learning, as it involves getting in a communicative, social relationship with peers, and supporting it with technology. This project is conducted each year since it lets the learners both improve their language skills and enjoy with the learning. As for the implementation of the project, certain tasks are assigned to groups of students in order to prepare a daily life conversation in which that topic is stated. The groups are generally formed from each and every classroom. After writing a conversation that is on a daily communicative function, the students are asked to perform and record it in appropriate environment outside the classroom with a cell phone or any camera device. Therefore, they also improve their social skill as well as acting performance.

The winner project of this academic year belongs to Yusuf Öztürk, Kemal Kurtaran Aktuy, Muhammed Ali Demirhan and Sefa Tuğlu from Prep 33.  As a winning prize, each student from the group of Prep 33 has received a medal for their success. We congratulate all of our students who have participated in it. We wish them good luck and many achievements in the future. 

All the students participating in this project reflected positively on the benefits of it. They stated that this activity helped students to feel more relaxed and enthusiastic for language learning. When they had any problem, their teachers were ready to help them, thus they overcame the barriers. They managed to cope with anxiety and became more active in the lessons. Moreover, they built strong social binds with their peers. They learnt how to work cooperatively rather than competitively.

Yayınlanma Tarihi : 07.05.2018
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