Technology Integrated Projects Continue at School of Foreign Languages

Keeping up with innovations in language teaching and integrating technology effectively in teaching practices have always been among the main goals of School of Foreign Languages. In this sense, various projects and events are organized and carried out at the school throughout an academic year. Thus, students have a chance of practicing English language they have learned through fun and extra-curricular activities such as Tic-Tac-Toe and Scrabble that are games for vocabulary practice. In addition to these fun activities, this academic year, Kahoot, which is an internet-based technological game, has been played in a tournament for vocabulary practice. The students who wanted to participate in this fun tournament were listed in two groups and they played the starting, semi-final and final games individually. At the end of thrilling and challenging games, Tahsin Hakan Balaban and Aleyna Ertaş became the winners of the games in their groups and they were rewarded with a medal by Lecturer Sevilay Yıldırım Genç, who is the head of Vocabulary Office and organized the games. The students were glad for being part of such engaging events and they expressed their content at the end of the games.

Yayınlanma Tarihi : 08.05.2018
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