School of Foreign Languages Continues to Reward  the Prep Students

A book is a magical thing that lets you travel to far-away places without ever living your chair.

We know all about the rewards that reading offers, but sometimes our more reluctant readers/students need a little extra incentive. That’s why we decided to reward our students with what they like most. Each month, 3 of the students who use the school’s library most are being awarded by various presents. Libraries improve student achievement and help them to improve their language learning. The school library equips students with life learning skills, develops the imagination and serves a practical role in sharing expensive resources. A school library promotes building a knowledge-driven community for the future. Hopefully, they will read more and learn more in the future, too.

May the books they read be their gardens that they carry in their pockets!

October 2017                                                          
Esma GÜNGÖR E-Prep IDE (evening class)
Eda OFLAR E-Prep IDE (evening class)
Hilal SARAL Prep IDE

November 2017
Dilek SARIASLAN E-prep 4  (evening class)
Halime DAĞDELEN E-prep 5  (evening class)
Derya ERDÖNMEZ Prep 42

Yayınlanma Tarihi : 07.12.2017
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