Digital Campus

Our curriculum educates our students in a computer assisted atmosphere containing not only the traditional teaching materials like classroom activities and books but laboratories, study booklets and various evaluation materials provided via computer.

On Farabi Campus there is a network with approximately 16,000 meters fiber optic, and 30,000 meters category-6 cabling. By means of this network, 400 Mbit/sec mb internet speed is reachable via Ulakbim. Since the faculties and vocational schools have their own computer laboratories, students obtain free computer and internet access.

The Student Automation Programme prepared by the Data Automation Centre is available on the computers on the main campus and other campuses. This program eases the process of accessing student records, updating student data and producing student statistics.

With the help of the Data Automation Centre, the academic staff can record each student’s grades on the network. Students can also register for their courses via the network at the beginning of each semester.

With the renewal of the web server, an established web provider enables remote access and is easy to control.

Efficient Webmail service is provided for both the university staff and the students with the renewal of the mail server.

A spam assassin server is established to avoid spam email and as a result of this 80% of unwanted advertisement email is prevented.

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