TÖMER(Turkish Teaching Center)

TÖMER, the Turkish and Foreign Languages Research and Application Centre, was established with the objective of teaching Turkish to foreigners in Turkey and conducting research about the Turkish language. The Centre has been teaching Turkish to foreign students coming to Turkey to study or to live for many years. TÖMER centres, whose numbers are increasing throughout cities in Turkey, are involved in activities such as textbooks, courses, seminars, journals and various field visits and are reaching more and more people. With such activities, TÖMER is realising an important function with its services and publications, meeting the needs greatly needed in its area of work. At Karaelmas TÖMER, Turkish preparatory courses are taught by qualified instructors in classes of 10-18 students. Our classes are specially designed for modern language teaching, enabling students’ one-to-one interaction with their instructors. At Karaelmas TÖMER, Turkish teaching is carried out adhering to the Common European Framework. The teaching process is organised in six levels as: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. At the end of each level, four examinations, Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing which aim to assess students’ language skill levels are held. In classes, language teaching is supported by TV sets, DVDs, projectors and audio-visual materials. Students who attend and successfully complete the elementary, intermediate and advanced levels are given certificates by TÖMER management. The certificates granted by Karaelmas TÖMER are considered eligible by public and private organizations. At Karaelmas TÖMER, foreign language courses for certain areas of specialization and Turkish courses for special purposes are also available.

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