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Prof. Dr. Mustafa ÇUFALI

Tel: +90 372 257 40 14
Faks: +90 372 257 50 78

    Prof. Dr. Mustafa ÇUFALI was born in 1962 in Gökçebey. He studied in Zonguldak and Gökçebey at primary school, in Devrek at elementary and high school. After studying at the department of Chemical Engineering at Istanbul University in 1983, he entered Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences department of Public Administration in 1984. He graduated in 1988.

    In 1990 he entered Police Academy as a research assistant. He completed his MA and PhD degrees in University of Nottingham. He became an assistant professor in 2001, an associate professor in 2007 and a professor in 2012 in the field of Political History

    He offered lectures in Turkish and English, attended conferences as invited speaker and chair in countries such as Germany, France, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan and Syria.

    He attended scientific meetings and events in more than 20 countries such as the USA, Belgium, Azerbaijan, South Korea, United Kingdom, Italy, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Syria and Saudi Arabia.

   His articles and book chapters were published in Turkish and English in a number of journals and books, he attended national and local TV programmes. Prof. ÇUFALI has published books, a number of book chapters, articles and presentations in the field of international relations, history and political science.

    Between 2014 and 2017, he was the head of TUBITAK Directorate of Science Fellowships and Grant Programmes (BIDEB). Prof. Dr. Mustafa ÇUFALI who has an academic position at Social Sciences University of Ankara Faculty of Political Sciences has been the Rector of Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University since 16.03.2018.

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