16 Graduate Schools
16 Faculties
16 Schools and State Conservatory
16 Vocational Schools
16 Scientifics Activities
16 Research Centers
Schools and State Conservatory

Schools and Conservatory

School of Physical Education and Sports  

Çaycuma School of Civil Aviation  

School of Applied Sciences           

School of Foreign Languages   

State Conservatory      

  • Department of Music
        -Composition and Conducting Main Breanch
        -String Instruments Main Branch
    -String Instruments Program
        -Wind and Pulsatile Instruments Main Branch 

  • Department of Stage Arts
        -Theater Main Branch 
      --Theater Program
        -Opera Main Branch
     --Opera Program
        -Ballet Main Branch
  • Department of Musicology
        -Department of General Musicology
        -Department of Etnomusicology and Folklore
        -Department of Traditional and Modal Music
  • Department of Instrument Making
        -String Instrument Making Main Branch
       --String Instrument Making Program
  • Department of Traditional Turkish Music
        -Turkish Folk Music Main Branch
        -Turkish Art Music Main Branch

* Inactive Programs 

* Active Programs Admitting Students


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